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The music industry's first Artist Wallet offers self-custody of rights management and real-time payments.
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The Artist Wallet

The easiest and most trusted way to

manage your assets and rights.


Digital asset management

Original Works Wallet enables you to securely register your works, protect your intellectual property, and manage your digital identity.

Smart Contracts

Create smart contracts, and keep track of all your business transactions directly from your wallet. Easily manage splits with your collaborators, administer custody of your rights and royalty collection across global distribution channels.

Instant and secure payments

The Wallet provides a convenient way to monitor your balances, cash out your royalties, send and receive funds, and promote your work.

More tools to grow your career

Smart applications putting you at the core of your own economy.

The gateway to the Original Works Platform, and your unique blockchain identity.


Issue secure digital records of your assets. Safely govern, license, and track your IP.


Manage contracts and rights. Automatically split revenues with collaborators.


Create campaigns, sell tickets and reward your fans directly from your phone.

Experience a better way of working

Earn more money

Securely register and protect your work on the blockchain. Use data to track your success and administer global royalty collection directly from the Wallet.

Do better business with less friction

Easily manage all of your contracts and the custody of your rights. Attribute splits fairly with collaborators and business partners by leveraging the power of smart contracts.

Get paid faster

Original Works pays creators every day by leveraging advanced data analytics and processing royalty payments to all stakeholders in near real-time.

Thrive in the digital economy



Creators of all kinds access powerful new ways to capture rights information at the time of creation, manage royalty splits, govern the economics of their collaborations and creator economy.

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Record labels can easily control and exchange value in IP while providing real-time visibility of asset performance to all stakeholders.


Publishers are able to administer splits with writers, efficiently manage real-time royalty payment processing, and access new ways of unlocking value in their assets through licensing automation.

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