A breakthrough in royalty settlement

The Original Works protocol brings together economic, legal and technological frameworks to enable a new era of programmable, automated, executable, and compliant IP rights administration.

A blockchain-powered infrastructure for digital assets, rights management and distributed payments

Digital Assets
Smart Contracts
Distributed Ledger
Digital Assets

As a Digital Asset Platform, Original Works empowers its users with control, governance and self-custody of their creative assets.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts facilitate programmable, transparent and automated financial transactions for token holders.

Distributed Ledger

Original Works enables secure transactions and record keeping on the Ethereum network.

The Original Works Platform


Asset tokens represent value in IP rights, and enable fractional distribution of ownership and revenue sharing between rights holders.


A decentralized protocol for copyright and royalty distribution, enabling rights owners to safely manage custody of their digital assets and decisions concerning their creative work.


A suite of smart contract applications enabling anyone to leverage decentralized finance protocols in user-friendly web and mobile applications.

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